Mozzarella Stick Heaven: Top 5 Picks in New Jersey! | Indulge the Joey Eats Way

Mozzarella Stick Heaven: Top 5 Picks in New Jersey! | Indulge the Joey Eats Way

Hey foodies! Today, I'm taking you on a cheese-filled journey through my home state of New Jersey to uncover the ultimate mozzarella stick experience. These crispy, gooey delights are more than just an appetizer; they're a culinary adventure! So, buckle up as we explore the top 5 mozzarella stick spots that have captured my heart and taste buds. Let's get right to it and indulge into this cheesy goodness!

#5: Chit Chat Diner - West Orange & Hackensack, NJ

Kicking off our list is Chit Chat Diner. What makes their mozzarella sticks stand out? First, you're greeted with a generous serving of 8 sticks, perfect for sharing (or not πŸ˜‰). Their presentation is an art form, with sticks arranged in a captivating pattern. Each bite offers a crispy golden exterior, matched with a mild marinara sauce that accentuates the cheese's stretchy, ooey-gooey quality. A must-visit for any mozzarella stick aficionado!

#4: Buffalo Wild Wings - Parsippany, NJ

Surprise, surprise! A wing joint nailing the mozzarella stick game? Absolutely! Buffalo Wild Wings offers chunkier sticks paired with a unique, tangy, chunky marinara sauce. The combination of the robust sauce with the fried cheese is a game-changer. And let's talk about that cheese pull – simply amazing! Don't miss out on this unexpected mozzarella stick haven.

#3: Ah’ Pizz - Montclair, NJ

Ah’ Pizz takes a creative twist on the classic mozzarella stick with their "Carrozza." These triangular treats are a fusion of innovation and tradition. With each order, you're treated to three light, airy triangles filled with delectable mozzarella. The classical marinara sauce, enhanced with fresh garlic, complements the cheese perfectly. It's an experience that often leaves me craving for a second helping!

#2: Carnegie Diner - Secaucus, NJ

Carnegie Diner is a treasure trove for food lovers, and their mozzarella sticks are a standout. You get five perfectly fried sticks, dusted with grated parmesan that elevates the flavor profile. The cheese stretch in each bite is pure bliss, harmonizing beautifully with their smooth marinara sauce. It's a sensory delight that keeps me coming back for more.

#1: The Metropolitan - Borgata Hotel & Casino, Atlantic City, NJ

At the pinnacle of my list is The Metropolitan. These aren't just mozzarella sticks; they're a culinary masterpiece. Each order brings you five larger-than-life sticks, boasting the perfect ratio of seasoned breading to creamy, melty mozzarella. The zesty Pomodoro sauce is the cherry on top, taking these sticks to a whole new level. Every visit to the Borgata is incomplete without multiple trips to The Metropolitan for these legendary mozzarella sticks.

And there you have it – my top 5 mozzarella stick spots in New Jersey! This list is always evolving as I continue my quest for the ultimate mozzarella stick experience. I'd love to hear your thoughts on these picks and your personal favorites. Comment below, and let's keep this cheesy conversation going. Now go forth, explore these fantastic spots, and indulge the Joey Eats way!

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